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Introducing the couple, the myth, the legend behind Nashville's favorite mural company Never Xtinct

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

What do you do when you want to spice up your space with a new mural? You hire Stephen Sloan, owner, creator and lead muralist of Never Xtinct murals. Based in the Music City herself, Nashville, Tennessee, Stephen's art style specializes in realism and abstract design. As a born and raised Nashville native, Stephen loves getting to create and pursue his passion in the community he has a deep connection with. Which leads me to introduce myself the person narrating this... dun dun dun...the wifey, intern, assistant, scheduler, photographer and now blog creator, Alex Sloan. Hi. Hello. There is truly nothing like the art of being a "power couple" (nerd couple is probably more accurate) traversing the ups and down of owning a small mural business. It is blissfuly sweet ninety seven percent of the time, and the other 3 percent I like to lovingly refer to as the equivalent of stepping on a lego. With two art majors and over a decade of adventures together, we are pretty proud of the business we have created and the clients we have been honored to work with. Opening during the middle of worldwide pandemic has proved to be the risk worth taking. We are immensely grateful to continue on this adventure and share it all with you! As an art lover, past or future client, artist, or just a future friend, we hope to keep you inspired (and maybe a little amused) while we share our art journey! Stay tuned, check out our socials, and subscribe for ensuing shenanigans.

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08 dic 2022

Exciting things to com, I am sure! Keep us posted!

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