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Lights, Camera, and all the juicy behind the scene secrets!

You've seen the finished product, you've fallen in love with your new spiced up space but how does the magic happen? Let's explore the process that goes into creating your mural. Sometimes our clients come to us with an idea, sometimes they come to us with full artistic freedom but regardless of where the concept starts, designing your space is always the first step. This is where having a degree in graphic design comes in handy. Color, scale, perspective, layout, typography and nuance all play a vital role in creating a truly timeless piece. We want to not only enhance your space but make sure it harmonizes with your already existing design choices. If we are starting at square one in creating a new overall brand and look for your business, we want to make sure that it reflects the unique aspects of what makes your business unique. Designing your mural is equally as important as painting it. Using photos of your wall, Stephen then uses his tech and illustration skills to digitally mock up your mural so you can physically see what the final project will look like. Our main goal as a company is to exceed our clients' expectations and giving them an accurate representation of what their piece will look like, is a big part of that. Once the design is completed and approved, it's time to shop for materials. Depending on the size of your space, the price of materials will fluctuate per project. From professional grade spray paint to boom lifts, we make sure that we are coming in to your projects with the highest quality materials. Materials in tow, we then make sure your space is properly prepped head to toe. Need a mural in your kitchen but you just had new granite installed? No problem, we always make sure that your space is covered properly to ensure that it looks better than we started. Depending on the size of your space, this can take up to a few hours because we never take our abilities for granted and we always make sure we are prepped for any and all possible accidents. We always appreciate it when our clients remove any items from their wall i.e picture frames, surrounding items that might be blocking the wall, but if it slips your mind, it's no problem we have you covered. We will move your items to a safe place. Once the space is prepped, it's time for the fun part, putting paint on the wall. Seeing your space go from a bland, blank wall to an engaging piece of art is,in my humble opinion, the best part of the process. Art has the ability to completely transform the environment it's in and it's the thing people will remember the most when they visit your space. The secret sauce is in the details and our latest mural was a memorable example of that. As the proud owner of an AirBnB right here in Nashville, Tennessee, our client wanted to give his guests a truly unforgettable experience. His idea? A realistic portrait from the famous photo of Johnny Cash flipping off the paparazzi. Amazing right? Immediately in love with the idea, we set to work. The final product? Well, you can tell us how it turned out ... ;)

Never Xtinct looking at camera while prepping wall

Never Xtinct owner Stephen taping wall

Halfway completed portrait of Johnny Cash flipping off the camera painted in black and white

Completed mural portrait of Johnny Cash flipping off the camera, painted on a wall in the kitchen of the air bnb

A zoomed in view of the completed Johnny Cash portrait painted with spray paint in black and white on a wall in a kitchen

Photos by Alex Sloan

Materials Used: MTN94 Professional Grade Spray Paint, Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black, Frog Tape

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